Drone delivery takes off in Rejkyavik

AHA.IS has launched an urban drone delivery service in Rejkyavik.

The Icelandic online marketplace has partnered with Flytrex to provide its customers with drone deliveries, following approval from the Icelandic Transport Authority (Icetra).

Food and consumer goods will be picked up from shops and restaurants around Reykjavik and delivered to consumers around the city. Reykjavik is separated by a large bay and the drone deliveries will save energy and resources usually needed to travel around the body of water or over a bridge located in the north east of the city. This will save up to 20 minutes driving time during rush hour.

"We have seen a tremendous increase in our online delivery orders in recent months, and we expect to see this growth continue in the coming months as consumers experience the much faster delivery times Flytrex drone delivery offers," said Maron Kristófersson, CEO of AHA.

"We’ve been monitoring online logistic technologies around the globe, and Flytrex soared above all the others with its swift, smart, safe, and commercially viable solution. The partnership with Flytrex will further propel AHA’s turn-key software, sales and business processes for operating a multi-merchant e-commerce marketplace. We hope to partner with Flytrex not only in Iceland, but also as part of our marketplace solution overseas."