Heathrow uses AR to track footfall

Heathrow Airport has announced the launch of an exclusive Mr Men and Little Miss character which will engage families using augmented reality.

Families travelling through the airport will encounter Little Miss Explorer through their mobile devices and will be able to take photos with characters by scanning markers placed in each terminal using 'The Around the World with Mr. Adventure' app.

Working with Ads Reality, Heathrow will be able to track how many markers in each terminal are triggered and which terminal has the most interactions.

“As summer sees a greater number of families visit Heathrow, we want to ensure they receive the best possible start to their holiday adventures,” said Iona Harper, senior experience manager at Heathrow. “The Mr. Adventure app is a great, fun experience for Heathrow’s tiniest travellers, encouraging discovery for the next generation of explorers.”

Richard Corps, MD & co-founder of Ads Reality, added: “We’re delighted that Heathrow sees the benefits of augmented reality to the customers they serve, and it’s a great example of a large company looking at innovative technology to drive an exciting customer experience.”

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