N Brown on improving online conversion with social proof messaging

Why are social proof messages are so effective?

With there being so much choice online, sometimes finding the right item at the right fit and at the right cost can be daunting. Social proof is a crucial indictor that you’re in the right place and at the right time.  It makes a solitary online journey suddenly less lonely.

How does this technology help personalise the customer experience?

We’re able to leverage Taggstar messaging at a category and product level but are looking at going to the next stage of personalisation to display messages to specific personas to ensure we’re delivering the most effective/helpful messages at the right time to the right people. 

How does it help customers find the right fit online?

We’re fanatical about ‘fit that flatters’ and thanks to Taggstar we’ll be able to use user-generated content (UGC) to share when other customers have bought true to size and pulling out reviews our loyal customers have left us.

How can you see this type of social proof technology improving in the future?

At a product level being able to deliver ‘newness’ or some other alternative messaging for people that might be turned off by crowd-led confirmation (maybe you’re going to an event and don’t want a dress that everyone else is going to be wearing), specific quality messaging that we can put against our technical fibres. Stepping back, using social proof to help new visitors register and get through the funnel.

What are the biggest eCommerce challenges facing N Brown at the moment?

We have an incredible amount of data we want to use to personalise shopping experiences for our customers to ensure they have an engaging and relevant experience that excites and delights each visit. Some of the challenge is in automation of that data, the other is onboarding onto our test and repeat model. We’ll get there but we want to make sure it’s right which takes time.

Where else do you look for innovation?

I think everyone looks to their neighbours for inspiration but for me it’s my daily life. I’d like to think I’m an early adopter so I’m constantly asking what would make my life easier/better. Identifying those gaps and asking how to answer that specific challenge is an exciting thought-exercise, even more so when there’s an app, functionality or piece of tech that can answer it. 

What is your favourite piece of tech you use in your everyday life?

We’ve just bought a new home so right now it’s our home Nest network. I love being able to control the heating on mobile but coupled with ITTT and voice commands it’s a far cry from ‘everyone close all the doors and windows to keep the heat in!’ when I was growing up. There’s also a ton of in-built analytics I can geek out on.