How beauty shoppers use Facebook and Instagram

Beauty shoppers are increasingly using social media platforms for inspiration.

According to EMEA statistics from Facebook and Instagram, 69% of beauty shoppers use Facebook everyday, while beauty buyers in the UK check Instagram 21 times a day, have twice the average number of followers (245) and follow over 486 accounts.

The social media giants stated nearly half (45%) of EMEA beauty shoppers are buying online more than they did in previous years, while 39% are using social channels for shopping and research more than they did a year ago.

The 'Mobile Makeover' report stated 66% of beauty shoppers use social media for inspiration, 70% for learning, 62% for advice and 46% use it to share their make up results.

The research said 63% of UK beauty buyers trust brands they can see on Instagram.

Jessica Diner, content & creative director at Birchbox UK, said: "You’re in the palm of somebody’s hand, they don’t have to engage with you in other ways – you’re appearing on their phone."

Meanwhile, Xander Kaplan, senior brand manager of digital and eCommerce at Revlon UK, agreed, saying: "For a lot of people, it’s what they look at from bed in the morning. That’s the awareness that someone may walk into a store with. It is very visual and we try to tell the story of the brand in digestible, beautiful, engaging bits of content."

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, UK beauty buyers are active on the platform every day. The stats reported 42% read customer reviews, 34% spend time reading how others use beauty products, 26% find out about new products, while 25% read beauty product information. And in the UK specifically, 28% of social media users go to Facebook to share reviews and opinions

Nails are the biggest beauty trend on Instagram at the moment, taking a 26% share of beauty hashtags, followed by eyes (21%) and lips (21%).

Amy Cole, head of product marketing & emerging platforms, at Facebook and Instagram EMEA, added: "Beauty never stands still. The products, service and experiences that beauty shoppers look for from brands constantly evolve. Today, messages of beauty don’t only come from runways and glossy magazine spreads but from peers, networks and influencers."

She added: “When you combine this engaged audience with Facebook and Instagram's creative tools - like Stories, Live and video carousel ads, there is a huge opportunity for beauty brands to tell their stories, connect with customers and deliver real business results."