Co-op improves product availability with planning software

The Co-op is in the early stages of implementing a new space planning and assortment solution to improve product availability in store.

Working with JDA Software Group and SAP, the Co-op is deploying a number of solutions as part of its retail transformation programme, which it hopes will drive sales and increase efficiency as it improves the product ranges at its 2,500 convenience stores across the UK.

The Co-op will use the software to improve on-shelf availability and in-store stock levels, as well as localising its product ranges.

"Localised store ranges and improved stock levels will allow us to further our growth and ensure that our customers feel confident their local store can meet their grocery shopping needs," said Cheryl Marshall, Co-op Retail's CIO.

Franck Lheureux, regional vice president, sales, EMEA, at JDA, added: "The UK convenience food store market is extremely competitive, so it is vital that retailers can offer their local customers the right goods at the right time. Combined with the digital transformation underway and the age of ‘me’ commerce, retailers need to keep one step ahead of customer expectations. With our space planning and assortment management solutions, the Co-op will be able to successfully deliver an advanced space localisation strategy to remain competitive and profitable in today’s fast paced consumer-driven market."

The Co-op has chosen to implement: JDA Floor Planning Plus, JDA Assortment Optimization, JDA  Assortment Generator, JDA Category Knowledge Base, JDA Planogram Generator, JDA Space Automation Professional and JDA Channel Clustering.

The project starts this month. 

JDA will be exhibiting at RBTE 2017 at London's Olympia 8-9 May. Visit JDA at stand 710.