Pandora strives for single customer view with eReceipts

Pandora has deployed an eReceipts solution at the point of sale (POS).

By partnering with Ecrebo, Pandora is now able to capture customer data as shoppers provide their details to receive an electronic receipt.

Pandora said the electronic record of their purchase and product guarantee is especially important for the retailer as 60% of purchases are gifts.

Customers are also offered the option to opt-in to Pandora newsletters at the POS, as well as request for customer feedback.

"We know that 60% of purchases are gifts, so giving our customers the opportunity to receive a digital receipt is not only convenient, but important for added peace of mind when it comes to returns and warranties," said Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of marketing at Pandora. "We also use the digital receipt as an opportunity to request feedback from our customers on their in-store experience, enabling us to continually improve our offering."

She added: "Our experience of working with Ecrebo has been great. The team is very professional, understand our business needs and is responsive and flexible."

With 80% of Pandora customers shopping across its 220-strong store estate, the solution provides the retailer with greater visibility of its shoppers. Pandora can connect online and in-store customers, creating a single customer view, which provides insight to marketing so it can target customers more effectively.

Hassan Hajji, Ecrebo CEO added: "We’re really excited to be working with a world-renowned brand like Pandora. Today’s shoppers understand the benefits of digital receipts in offering improved convenience and peace of mind, but the value to the retailer in building a single customer view, and the way they can use that insight is particularly significant. The addition of the customer feedback element has also been particularly valuable, enabling Pandora to better understand their customers."

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