musicMagpie uses social media to target fan communities

musicMagpie has started to use social media to engage with specific types of customers. The recommerce e-tailer has 3.5 million users who sell and purchase music, games, books, DVDs and electronics, and the partnership with digital marketing agency, R.O.EYE, hopes to create strategic social campaigns aimed at different types of customers.

To begin with, musicMagpie – which refurbishes second-hand media to sell on Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Poundland, Morrisons and its own branded stores – will be using Facebook to target online communities, such as fans of vinyl or iPhone users. The e-tailer will go on to test the strategy on Instagram.

"Selling via social is another key route to market for us," said Dale Goodwin, marketing manager of musicMagpie. "Our product range is diverse and R.O.EYE's technology gives us a granular view of customers so we can be relevant and timely with notifications and offers. We see this personalised approach having a very positive impact on sales."

Mark Kuhillow, founder of R.O.EYE, added: "The degree of targeting that paid social media offers will enable musicMagpie to access its huge database in a meaningful way. It now has the ability to zoom in on individual audiences across vast platforms in a cost-effective way that achieves scale."

musicMagpie CEO, Steve Oliver, describes his business as "the lazy man's eBay". Read Essential Retail's interview with Oliver here.