Home delivery - the lengths consumers go to

Some 36% of shoppers are prepared to risk giving someone they don't know well the keys to their house in order to avoid missing a shopping delivery, according to new research.

The study, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of eBay-owned delivery company Shutl, also showed 9% of people have pretended to be sick in order to wait in for a Christmas delivery, compared to 5% last year. Company directors are apparently the worst sick-day offenders with 29% admitting to pulling a sickie in the past in order to wait for a delivery.

In addition, 18% of shoppers are reportedly prepared to leave a window or door unlocked to ensure delivery of an online Christmas gift.

A total of 1,070 respondents across the UK took part in the survey in November 2016.

Jason Travaria, head of delivery at Shutl, commented: "Delivery should ultimately be about getting something from A to B, not detrimentally impacting someone's quality of life in the process.

"These findings reflect the frustration online shoppers feel when it comes to getting their hands on their online purchases and the desperate measures they are prepared to take. Thankfully technology means that it's easier for shoppers to look around for an alternative retailer who can deliver according to their needs, without the risk of theft or a workplace disciplinary in the process."

Other findings include consumers in Northern Ireland are the most trusting, with 35% of local people prepared to leave a window or door unlocked – more than any other region. One quarter of shoppers said they wished Christmas shopping was easier, with the survey also indicating that 42% of respondents have asked family or friends to wait in for a delivery on their behalf.

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