Planet Organic deploys mobile wallet

Planet Organic has partnered with mobile wallet solution Yoyo Wallet to allow customers to make mobile payments and collect loyalty points.

Food chains Fernandez & Wells and Hummus Bros have also chosen to partner with Yoyo to deploy the solution which offers fully itemised digital receipts and real-time personalised discounts.

As well as digital benefits for consumers, retailers can also gain real-time customer information, including basket data, which can be used for loyalty and marketing purposes.

"Of course we offered the same contactless payment options available everywhere else through normal point of sale terminals, but this didn’t allow for us to learn anything new about our customers or to reward them in any way,” said Eric Adatia, FD at Planet Organic.

"In 1995, when we opened, our mission was to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping. We wanted to make it easier for people to try out and fall in love with wholesome, local food. Yoyo Wallet will make it really simple to personalise rewards and offers we know our customer will love."

Yoyo Wallet is aimed at students and corporate offices, now operating at over 50 universities and 100 head offices, including PwC, M&C Saatchi and HP. Following the focus at university campuses and corporate environments, Yoyo's three recent retail partnerships signals the start of its move into the high street, beginning with 22 outlets.

Alain Falys, co-founder and CEO of Yoyo Wallet, added: "We created Yoyo to deliver a transaction experience that makes mobile relevant for retail in a way that enables a better relationship between customers and the retailers they love.

"Real innovation of the mobile wallet should go beyond payment. Using your mobile to pay should be combined with automatic collection of loyalty and a whole bunch of other really cool features."

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