Auchan offers sponsored product opportunity online

France-based grocery retailer, Auchan, is to provide native product ads on its eCommerce site, allowing brands to target shoppers at the point they intend to make a purchase.

The ads link inside the retailer's website, and Auchan views this "closed-loop" environment as a clear way to provide marketing attribution.

Auchan is the first French retailer to take advantage of performance marketing company Hooklogic's platform, Sponsored Products, to power this new advertising opportunity for its partner brands.

It is hoped the collaboration will lead to improved sales and performance for the retailer and its advertisers, and the move comes in the immediate aftermath of US-based Hooklogic opening an office in Paris as it looks to expand its international reach.

Irène Martinez, head of monetisation and partnerships at, said: "French eCommerce sales continue to grow at double-digit rates, aided by increased competition among top retailers.

"We believe that the surest way to succeed is to enable our brand partners to succeed. Hooklogic Sponsored Products is a clear success globally, and one that we are confident is also a perfect fit in the French market to guide and enhance the shopper experience."

Retailers outside of France already using the Sponsored Products tool include Asda, Tesco, Argos, Boots, PC World and Debenhams.

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