La Redoute deploys marketing attribution technology

La Redoute is leveraging attribution technology to improve its understanding of online media and advertising campaigns in the UK.

The retailer has partnered with attribution software company, Visual IQ, to help optimise its digital media spending and better understand online performance compared to offline shopping.

Founded in 1837, the French fashion retailer was traditionally a mail-order company, and now has more than 10 million active customers in 26 countries.

Paul Carmichael, head of digital at La Redoute UK, said: "As we make the transition into a pure-play digital retailer, it is vital that we efficiently utilise the data available to us to understand how well our online and offline strategies work. Visual IQ's intelligent, algorithmic solution offers the cross-channel insights and optimisation recommendations that will empower us to better understand where to allocate spend – across all channels – to engage consumers and grow our audience."

La Redoute in the UK is keen to understand its customer base to help grow its eCommerce offering. Visual IQ's Intelligence Suite will allow the retailer to better understand marketing across search, display, affiliate, email, social media and direct mail, and allocate spending effectively across various channels.

The retailer plans to deploy Visual IQ's IQ Envoy, IQ Sage and IQ Deploy tools to gain this insight.

Vanessa Tadier, European general manager at Visual IQ, added: "It is fantastic to partner with La Redoute as it works to boost its online offering and increase the size of its audience. By utilising our advanced attribution platform, the company will be able to understand the channels and tactics that are most effective to engage new and existing customers, and take action to ensure its marketing budgets are spent efficiently and effectively."

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