Moneysupermarket moves into the cloud with Talend (MSM) has moved its IT infrastructure into the cloud in order to become more agile. The UK’s largest price-comparison websites, with revenues of more than £281.7 million, has undergone the IT transformation in order to rapidly launch new services, enter new markets and scale the company.

MSM is using Talend Data Fabric and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transform its IT function into the cloud.

"Our challenge was to find a solution that matched the principles our CTO had established for automating our IT environment in a cloud-agnostic, cost-efficient way," said Ian Edwards, data warehouse technical product owner at Moneysupermarket. "We quickly realised that Talend, with its cloud capabilities, open source roots and licensing model, met our needs and could help take our infrastructure to the next level."

By using cloud technology, MSM said it would be able to create seamless experience for its customers who price compare across its three brands:, and

And by partnering with Talend and AWS, MSM is hoping to deliver faster quote times and improve the eCommerce journey for customers. The price comparison platform will integrate its data as part of the digital transformation to optimise customer experience.

"We chose to move to a cloud-based model because of the flexibility it provides. It allows us to rapidly spin up and spin down workloads in order to analyse varying volumes of data collected throughout the peaks of daily transactions on our sites," continued Edwards. "A cloud environment also gives us a manageable path forward - whether our IT environment ends up being a hybrid or fully cloud, we will have the capacity needed to grow as a business."

MSM chose Talend and AWS as part of a hybrid data warehousing architecture programme. The business also uses open source management tools to install and configure the Talend software on AWS EC2. This gives MSM the flexibility to select a mix of resources to support applications needed to aggregate data from different sources.

Ciaran Dynes, vice president of products, Talend, added: "Moneysupermarket is an excellent example of how Talend can help companies take advantage of the full elasticity and cost benefits of Amazon by automatically starting and stopping EMR and Redshift clusters when integration jobs are ready to execute. Now, IT departments can better manage the cost of data warehousing jobs while improving productivity and agility."

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