Pets at Home places promotional activity on one platform

Pets at Home has made the move to streamline its promotions management onto one single technology platform, to keep pace with its recent growth story.

The specialist pet and pet products retailer is deploying SAP's Promotions Management for Retail (PMR) software, with the tech vendor's partner, Retail Solutions, leading the integration project.

Pets at Home has grown significantly over the last few years. Since acquiring Petsmart in 1999 and then launching an eCommerce platform in 2008, the company has purchased the likes of Ride-away – an equestrian specialist – and Vets4Pets ­– a veterinary business – to expand its proposition.

Earlier this year, Anderson Moores, a specialist veterinary referral hospital based in Winchester, came under Pets at Home group ownership.

SAP and Retail Solutions say the new promotions management software will enable the retailer to consistently manage promotional activity across all channels by providing a single system of record along with the management of vendor funds and rebates, deals, offer management and best practice promotions execution.

The new system, which is underpinned by SAP's Customer Activity Repository tool that is powered by its memory database technology, SAP HANA, will be integrated with Pets at Home's current SAP ERP infrastructure. The project is expected to be completed next month.

Dan Harvey, Pets at Home SAP programme director, remarked: "The SAP PMR application will help Pets at Home to effectively manage our promotional activity across our store, web, grooming and veterinary practice channels.

"Our current processes are manual and have evolved over time. SAP PMR will enable us to drive promotional best practice into our business."

Essential Retail understands Pets at Home will continue to work with Retail Solutions following the completion of the current project, to monitor the ongoing performance of the SAP technology.

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