Only 11% of UK shop from Chinese eCommerce sites

Chinese eCommerce companies are missing an opportunity to engage with consumers from across the world as only 11% of the UK has purchased goods online from the country.

A survey of consumers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Japan and Brazil discovered that the majority had never shopped from a Chinese retailer's website.

Only 15.5% of all the countries had shopped online from China in the last year, while 84.5% had not.

The survey, which was conducted by One Hour Translation, in collaboration with Google Consumer Surveys, stated that 15% of US consumers had bought from a Chinese eCommerce site during the last year, compared to 16% of Canadian shoppers, 12% of Germans, 15% of French and 28% of Spanish consumers. Meanwhile, 17% of Brazilian shoppers had purchased from a Chinese website, compared with 23% of Australians and only 4% of Japanese.

Yaron Kaufman, co-founder and CMO of One Hour Translation, said: "Our findings show that Chinese eCommerce sites are just beginning to take advantage of the UK market. Chinese web marketers should find effective ways to localise their websites and marketing campaigns in order to leverage the opportunity of gaining market-share in the UK and around the world fully."

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