Virgin Trains deploys app for real-time customer service analysis

Virgin Trains is using a new application to analyse customer feedback in real time.

The app, developed by ITG Creator, gathers real-time customer survey information and provides instant reports to Virgin Trains staff so business decisions can be made quickly.

Called Awesometer, the app presents the information in graphic form, gathering customer satisfaction KPIs from network routes, stations, trains, class and on-board services.

Chris McDermott, customer experience manager at Virgin Trains, said: "Awesometer allows us to get much closer to our data, doing the hard work for us. It immediately shows key trends for specific search criteria, giving us complete control over how we explore what customers are telling us.

He continued: "The launch of the portal has been very exciting, enabling us to make improvements that make a real difference to our customers."

Over 600 employees at Virgin Trains can access the feedback, from the head office to the fleet team workers. The insights allow them to make instant decisions and action, based on specific comments and feedback.

Mark Brennan, CEO of ITG Creator, added: "Awesometer enables us to use our expertise in CRM data, actionable insights and technology to provide Virgin with a means of reacting quickly and efficiently to customer feedback.

"By analysing survey results in real time and presenting them in an easy-to-understand form, the same technology could be used by any company to improve its relationship with customers by analysing their feedback and sentiment and taking immediate action."

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