JD Williams improves new visitor conversion with personalisation

JD Williams has witnessed double digit uplift in new visitor conversion after introducing personalisation technology to its desktop and mobile channels.

The retailer adopted Monetate's personalisation technology to create relevant customer experiences and improve conversion and loyalty.

JD Williams only implemented the platform two weeks ago and has generated 18% uplift in new visitor conversions on mobile devices. The retailer also recorded an 8% lift in overall conversion, a 12% increase in revenue per session, 4% increase to basket size and 5% increase of its average order value.

Finn Christo, conversion rate optimisation manager at JD Williams’ parent company, N Brown Group, said: "The personalisation platform has enabled us to get started in a really quick an easy way. We have been impressed with the business impact that Monetate has had in such a short time and are looking forward to the next stages of the project."

JD Williams is in the process of moving onto Hybris' eCommerce platform and Monetate was able to provide the business with a quick trade and merchandise tool while the retailer's IT resources were engaged in re-platforming. The e-tailer was able to make changes to its webiste without having to wait for alterations to be hard-coded into a new update.

Finn continued: "The level of excitement in the business is inspiring. We have full support from the executive team who understands that by moving the needle by just a tiny fraction the ROI is huge. Monetate lets us move that needle."

JD Williams will now integrate its CRM data into the Monetate platform which will allow it to gain deeper levels of personalisation.

Ann Steer, director of marketing N Brown Group, said: "Personalisation and the ability to deliver, individual relevant experiences are the single most important thing that will help us deliver business success."

In its full-year results announcement, published last week, N Brown reported online revenue was up by 15% year-on-year in the 12 months to 27 February 2016 – with online penetration on the rise and sales via mobile devices continuing to grow. Meanwhile, JD Williams’ product revenue was £151.2 million, up 4.7% year-on-year, while online penetration up 6ppts to 51%, while online penetration of new customers was up 13ppts to 65%.

Mike Harris, VP of EMEA at Monetate, added: "JD Williams has made significant strides with its personalisation strategy providing a more engaging and relevant offering for both new and existing customers. Monetate’s platform is dedicated to supporting JD Williams with its increasing desire to deliver excellent customer service and a seamless shopping experience for all."

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