Tesco seizes opportunity as Sainsbury's abandons Brand Match

Customers shopping in Tesco stores will be able to use Sainsbury's Brand Match coupons to get money off their purchases.

The move comes after Sainsbury's informed its customers last week that it will be ending its Brand Match scheme, which was launched in 2011 to ensure competitors could not beat it on price for branded items. Less than a year ago, the programme was extended to online shoppers.

Today's announcement from Tesco means that customers will be able to use their leftover Sainsbury's coupons at Tesco until June. 

Matt Davies, CEO of Tesco UK and Ireland, commented: "This is a little help for Sainsbury's customers from us at Tesco.

"It also provides the opportunity for Sainsbury's customers to experience Tesco's Brand Guarantee, which we launched in October, and has been universally welcomed by our customers."

Unlike the Sainsbury's scheme, Tesco's Brand Guarantee allows customers to receive an immediate price match with Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's at the till point without the need for paper coupons. The Sainsbury's version allowed customers to get the money back off their next shop, if they had bought an item for a higher price than was available at its three main rivals.

Sainsbury's said last Thursday that it will no longer be handing out the coupons from 27 April 2016, adding that its customers view lower regular prices across the store as more important than Brand Match.  

It said that money used for the price-match initiative will be directed towards lower regular prices on its products, but it did not offer any specific details on which ranges.

"We believe in clear, simple pricing and over the past 18 months we've been lowering regular prices on thousands of products, removing price promotions like fractions and percentages and reducing the number of multi-buys," the supermarket stated.