Missguided launches 'Tinder-style' iOS app

Missguided is debuting its first shopping app, which will be available on Apple's iOS platform next week (8 March). 

The mobile app, built on Poq's app commerce platform, will feature a functionality called "Swipe to Hype", which is similar to the Tinder dating app. The feature will allow customers to swipe through different fashion items, choosing which they 'love' as they go along. In theory, customers should be able to save these items to wish lists and the retailer should be able to use the data to better understand its shoppers.

Founder and CEO of Missguided, Nitin Passi, said: "Our customer has been asking for a shopping app for a while and we wanted to ensure we delivered something that offered more than our mobile site. The app is being treated as its own channel that we are growing as part of our multichannel strategy. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Poq and will continue to develop technology to support our online and offline strategy."

Oyvind Henriksen, CEO and co-founder of Poq, added: "The next generation of customers uses apps for everything. Great apps are often either very engaging - like Instagram and Pinterest - or they are super convenient - like Uber and Citymapper. Missguided has built a retail app on our platform that combines both of these attributes: it is extremely convenient and deeply engaging. This is the perfect example of what a cutting-edge retail app can offer: Customers are always logged in to an addictive and personalised shopping experience, and can check out using just their fingerprint."

Last year, Missguided moved from online-only into physical retail with a concession in Nordstrom in the US and Selfridges in Manchester. The e-tailer is now looking to expand into branded stores in the UK. 

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