RBTE Bootcamp: Kantar to highlight advantages of virtual reality

RBTE 2016 is running a series of Retailer Bootcamps at London Olympia on 9-10 March 2016, following its successful eCommerce Bootcamps in 2015.

Held over two days for an audience made up exclusively of retailers, these are highly practical workshop sessions which will provide attendees with hands-on advice for every element of the customer journey. Attendees are able to learn about a subject and then go away and implement what they've learnt.

Each of the nine sessions – hosted by nine different companies – will be repeated on both days of the expo. So what can we expect from Kantar Retail's session? Essential Retail caught up with the retail and shopper insights business to find out...

What is the subject of your RBTE bootcamp?

VIRTUAL REALITY - How retailers are using the world's hottest technology to make better and faster retail decisions, while saving time and money.

What are the top five themes you are looking to address during the session?

The Retail Challenge - traditional retail planning practises are simply not adequate to keep up with the changing shopping landscape – the process is time consuming, costly and rarely has the desired impact on shoppers. Are you equipped to be agile and visionary enough to create retail experiences that delight your shoppers?  

Virtual Reality in the hands of the user! - the latest Virtual Reality technology equips your business with innovative, easy to adopt, user based software which gives you the ability to research, plan & visualise transformational retail possibilities at a speed which has never been possible before. If your goal is to put the store and the shopper at the centre of retail decisions, virtual reality is your answer.

Deeper understanding of your shoppers with Virtual Research - Drive profitable execution decisions by quickly and affordably testing multiple scenarios in your virtual retail store with shoppers. A vastly superior solution to physical testing which is expensive, often impossible and not confidential!

More innovative retail solutions with Virtual Store Planning - Create shopper centric merchandising, display, store design & marketing plans in your specific retail environment. Using VR you can rapidly adapt, iterate, and optimise vs traditional planning which is restrictive and is often in isolation of the store and shopper context.

Quicker, better decisions with Virtual Store Collaboration - Sign-off new retail ideas at speed with retail ready proposals in your own virtual store. Share your VR proposals throughout your organisation via the web and live in real-time VR at your retail decision makings meetings. Do you wish to transform collaborative team work and achieve faster sign-offs?

Why should retailers attend your bootcamp at RBTE?

Virtual Reality is equipping retailers with the power to unlock new retail possibilities AND with the benefits of significant time and cost savings. It will transform how retailers work in the next 18 months. Technology leaders including Mark Zuckerberg believe that Virtual Reality will change the way that you live, work and communicate. 

Are you ready?

What are the key retail challenges your company is focused on solving?

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