Lenox uses Oracle to smash Christmas online sales

Lenox has reported a 26% increase in eCommerce sales compared to previous years, thanks to the implementation of Oracle Commerce.

The luxury dinnerware retailer implemented Oracle's new solution earlier in 2015 to boost sales with improved search results, recommendations and targeted promotions. 

The retailer has used Oracle to tailor its search results based on customer history, as well as pattern or place setting searches.

"Since Black Friday, we were able to implement a more robust and enhanced promotional strategy, and have achieved a dramatic lift just based on the fact that we can promote at the product level. Using Oracle, our peak period outpaced sales the last two years by 2%," said Mario A. Castano, vice president, eCommerce implementation at Lenox – which produced the first North American bone china to be used in the White House.

Oracle also introduced improved images onto the Lenox website as shoppers often rely on pictures rather than pattern names.

The retailer also sells designer brands which are not eligible for discounts online, previously this was difficult to exempt from online sales events. Using Oracle, Lenox can now easily separate out the exclusive sales items from the full-priced designer pieces.

Oracle Commerce also provides Lenox with the ability to improve its customer service offering by showing details of customer purchase history, alongside catalogue and online promotions. Lenox can now segment customers and provide them with coupon codes for their favourite product lines.

Jill Standish, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail, added: "The consumer is digital, the household is ‘virtual’. Smarter consumers demand smarter retailers who are looking into multi-channel customer service. Oracle is committed to helping retailers create and innovate, to strengthen relationships with new and returning customers. We will continue to deliver the solutions that make this possible for retailers of all sizes and segments."

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