Optomany to make a stand at RBTE 2016

The payment solutions marketplace is a large and profitable segment of financial services and evolving at a dizzying pace. Faced with advances in digital technology and the changing preferences in the way consumers pay for goods and services each and every day, payment players must be able to differentiate themselves, refine their strategies, raise their execution skills and above all, listen to their customers. 

In this crowded field, payment solution provider Optomany has adapted to this shifting landscape through the development of the axept range – the most complete, modern and secure payment acceptance solutions in today's marketplace.

RBTE 2016 in London from the 9-10 March sees the launch of Optomany's axept range, which provides retailers with payment acceptance solutions for use in store, online or via mobile that are fast reliable, secure and cost effective.  Accepting all major payment schemes and certified by all major UK acquirers, Optomany's axept solutions are designed to operate as either standalone payment systems or as an integrated part of a retailer's point of sale, mobile or eCommerce platform.

Simon Wilding, CEO of Optomany, commented: "Our philosophy about payment acceptance solutions is simple and that is to develop front-end acceptance solutions that are intuitive, reliable, fast secure and affordable, which are backed by an ultra-modern, powerful and secure payment processing gateway."

Certified to the very latest payment industry standards including PCI DSS 3.1 and is set to become one of the first globally to be listed as P2PE version 2, Optomany's axept solutions offer retailers the opportunity to significantly reduce their own PCI compliance overheads. More importantly, the security inherent within the Optomany solutions keeps cardholder data safe and secure and completely outside of retailers own systems.

Best of breed

The company's eCommerce systems offer the very latest in online payment processing. A simple and modern API enables online retailers to easily connect to both of Optomany's payment page and gateway services. As you would expect from a leading payment provider, the online solutions accept all mainstream payment schemes, including PayPal, as well as alternative payment schemes and services.

In-store solutions from Optomany comprise both pin pads for integration to EPoS systems and payment terminals for both fixed and portable use. Contactless comes as standard and all card present solutions support the latest contactless initiatives including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and bank issued virtual card applications such as that announced recently by Barclaycard, amongst others.

"With the customer always at the forefront of what we do at Optomany, we provide best of breed payment acceptance solutions to retailers in every market sector," added Simon Wilding.

For retailers with more than one sales channel, Optomany's in-built tokenisation system enables retailers to identify cardholders by the card used across any channel enabling retailers to issue loyalty bonuses and to track return customers – and all without the need to store card numbers in house.

For management information and estate management the online Optomany Control Centre provides retailers with total control of their payment acceptance solutions alongside a highly flexible management information system for reporting and payment reconciliation across all sales channels.

More than anything though, for Optomany it is about ensuring that our payment acceptance solutions are a help and not a hindrance for our customers by ensuring reliability, availability and high grade customer service for when unforeseen circumstances arise. It is about making payment acceptance easy for our customers and making sure that payment follows sale, as night follows day.

Aside from the leading solutions on offer from Optomany, the company prides itself on providing customers with all the help and support they need to make payment acceptance simple, reliable, secure and fast. With the understanding that payment acceptance can be complicated, Optomany's team of experienced industry professionals and customer support staff are always on hand and have a deep commitment to delivering business value and innovation to customers.

For more information or to arrange a discussion about your particular needs and requirements, visit stand 145 at Olympia, email us at info@optomany.com or call us on +44(01233 770389)

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