Manhattan Associates enables Asda's Toyou collection and return service

Manhattan Associates has announced its involvement in the launch of Asda's new collection and return service, Toyou.

At the end of last year, Asda rolled out a fulfilment and return service to all of its stores, with hopes of attracting an extra 40 million visitors per year by 2019. Customers will be able to collect and return online Asda orders of George clothing, as well as those from third parties including Asos and Missguided.

The retailer is hoping to sign other retail partners to its Toyou service which will tap into the 1.5 billion parcels delivered across the UK every year.

Manhattan Associates first partnered with Asda in 2011 and has worked with the retailer to launch Toyou. The vendor worked on Toyou's platform, including Distributed Order Management (DOM), Warehouse Management (WMS), Supply Chain Convergence and Supply Chain Intelligence solutions, which all integrate with Asda’s other enterprise systems.

Manhattan also used algorithms to optimise Asda’s parcel delivery, allowing orders to be fulfilled via the most optimal route. This technology allowed Asda to push back its order cut-off times for next day delivery of orders from 7pm to 9pm. Manhattan also provides the platform to track deliveries in real time, which the retailer claims no other supermarket currently offers.

Phil Tenney, vice president and chief information officer ISD at Asda, said: "We are excited to champion an industry first with our new Toyou service: giving online retailers an opportunity to expand their physical footprint, allowing our customers to shop more conveniently and giving shoppers even more reasons to visit Asda stores. The Manhattan technology is a key component of the solution, enabling us to drive revenue growth for the business through a more fully utilised distribution network. Manhattan has worked with us collaboratively to deliver the unique technological capability that underpins this ground-breaking service; the benefits for both Asda and the consumer are going to be huge."

Craig Sears-Black, managing director, Manhattan Associates, added, "We are proud to work alongside one of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers and are delighted to see their vision come to life. Consumer expectations in the UK and the world over are skyrocketing."

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