eCommerce at RBTE 2016: Webtrekk

Digital intelligence solutions company, Webtrekk, is new to RBTE, and will be showcasing its range of products at the two-day event at London Olympia between 9-10 March 2016.

Essential eCommerce caught up with Monica Sheikhy, senior corporations manager EMEA at Webtrekk, to find out more about the company and its plans for the spring show.

What new technology will you be displaying at RBTE 2016, and why is it relevant?

Webtrekk, as a digital intelligence solution provider, will present marketing automation and programmatic advertising solutions from our Digital Intelligence Suite, which enables our clients to deliver individual customer experience for their website visitors. As a DMP (Data Management Platform), our suite is highly relevant for companies that do not want to give away their valuable data and get the most out of it by using it for targeted, automated marketing campaigns.

Why have you booked for the eCommerce Quarter at RBTE 2016?

The eCommerce Quarter at RBTE is the perfect opportunity for visitors to gain important industry insights and to learn about technology trends and the newest solutions. We look forward to meeting eCommerce companies interested in optimising their digital efforts.

Name some of the retailers you are working alongside? And what are their biggest challenges?

We work with Specsavers, Nike, Zalando, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Douglas, Esprit and other international retailers and eCommerce companies.

One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce shops is to recognise customers across the various devices they use to shop online. Knowing who their customers are - not as a mass but as individuals with a digital identity - is crucial to create competitive advantage in this fast growing field.

What will be the future of eCommerce? How will consumers be shopping in the future?

Online shopping will increase as more and more devices are in use. In particular, mobile devices will gain much greater importance and online retail will continue to grow with high speed. eCommerce shops need to be prepared to leverage data gathered from these devices to improve their marketing campaigns and ROI. For eCommerce businesses, it will be crucial to merge online and offline data in order to provide a personalised experience for each customer.

What's the greatest example of retail technology you've seen this year?

New technologies like beacons have revolutionised the customer experience in-store and online. Retailers increasingly invested in technologies that help them merge their offline and online data to be able to provide a consistent shopping experience. With eCommerce businesses, there was an even stronger shift towards marketing automation and personalisation of marketing campaigns, in particular for mobile devices.

Quick-fire question round: Do you...

Shop in-store or online? Mostly online

Prefer tea or coffee? Tea - green and fruity tea

Use Facebook or Twitter? Both

Use iOS or Android? iOS only

Rate beacons or digital signage? Rate beacons

Use contactless or cash? Preferably contactless

Meet Webtrekk at RBTE 2016 in March, at Stand 780.

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