RBTE 2016 Exhibitor Spotlight: Britannic Technologies

Communications solutions company Britannic Technologies is new to RBTE, and it will be showcasing its range of products at the two-day event at London Olympia between 9-10 March 2016.

Essential Retail caught up with Jonathan Sharp, sales and marketing director at Britannic Technologies, to find out more about the company and its plans for the spring show.

Why have you booked for RBTE 2016? 

We work closely with the retail industry to transform their B2C and B2B communications in a way that enhances customer experience, and we create flexible, omnichannel communications ecosystems that maximise existing infrastructure investments and make the everyday job of retailers easier. RBTE offers the ideal platform to connect with retail technology buyers; to open retailers’ eyes to the latest developments in communications technology and architecture; and to keep up to speed with where the retail experts see customer trends going.

What new technology will you be displaying at RBTE 2016, and why is it relevant?  

One of the highlights at the stand will be our illustration of the retail experience of the future, utilising data from different sensor types to better understand shopper behaviour, footfall and movement as well as stock levels and locations, and to connect consumers to products, front and back office staff over a range of devices, applications and channels.

We will show how IoT sensors can be connected to products, combined with real-time customer analytics to deliver actionable insight into inventory management and customer loyalty data and customer behaviour. 

And it goes beyond that. It is really about creating a joined-up retail experience that integrates a variety of communications technologies, including retail mobile apps, web and contact centre technology, to facilitate insight, personalised service and, in turn, deliver winning CX strategies, intelligent and appropriate real-time adaptive customer service and technology enabled retail experience. 

To underpin our integration expertise, we will demonstrate our Next Generation Contact Centre, a feature-rich, interactive demonstration of next-generation contact centre essentials, seamlessly integrated for a slick user experience and joined up view of retailers’ customers. 

The demo showcases contact centre software, adaptive CRM technology, social media management and analysis tools, mobile apps, SMS, IVR, voice, email, web chat, “click to video” and co-browsing capabilities that, together, bolster more integrated, interactive digital experiences instore and online – both for customers and employees. On top of that, it will give visitors a glimpse of Britannic’s expertise in facilitating integration and interoperability with a retailer’s existing infrastructure. 

Effectively integrating systems, applications and customer preferred channels is ultimately the basis for a seamless customer journey and intuitive experience. With 94%  of customers admitting a higher chance of repeat business if the service experience is effortless, this is the difference between profit and loss in the mobile, social age.  

Name some of the retailers that you are currently working alongside?

Trailfinders, Moss Bros, Pandora, James Hargreaves, Kenwood, Stoneacre, Wagamama

What's the best customer service you've experienced this year?

I recently ordered oak flooring from Discount Flooring Depot, a small but incredibly efficient and knowledgeable online flooring retailer with an easy to use ordering system. It turned out that a few adjustments to the order were needed but I didn’t have to log back into my customer account to make the changes. Each time I got in touch with them – and I did get in touch via email, chat and phone within one day – they already knew my order details and conversation history. Then their team kept updating the order for me. It sounds simple but the fact is that their service stood out because the company’s channels were all joined up over email, web chat, web and phone, which meant that we had one coherent conversation across all touch points and service levels remained consistently high. It just made it really easy to do business with them. 

Quick-fire question round: Do you...

Shop in-store or online? Both

Prefer tea or coffee? Coffee

Use Facebook or Twitter? Linkedin

Use iOS or Android? iOS

Rate beacons or digital signage? Beacons

Use contactless or cash? Cash

Visitors to RBTE 2016 can meet with Britannic Technologies at Stand 280.