Farmfoods focuses on efficiency with LED investment

An LED lighting scheme is a central part of supermarket group Farmfoods' new distribution centre (DC) in Avonmouth.

The retailer recruited Minimise Energy to design the set-up, which aims to maximise energy efficiency, take into account the 175,000 sq ft DC's changing natural light conditions and be fully responsive in an ambient environment of -22 degrees Celsius.

Multiple 250W high bay LEDs have been used in the design, all of which respond automatically to changing daylight conditions, both at floor and higher levels. Sensors have been included throughout the project, with presence, area, daylight and dimming sensors fitted in the ambient section of the building to respond to natural light coming through the roof.

William Scanlon, property development manager of Farmfoods, said: "Maintaining our frozen food in perfect condition is crucial to Farmfoods.

"So too is our ability to do so in the most energy efficient way possible. Designing in the optimum LEDs and associated lighting controls is one of the ways that we continue to achieve these aims."

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