Q&A: Touch Technologies in focus

Essential Retail (ER): Touch Technologies is a new name in the retail space. What's your story and what does the company stand for?

Mark Tailford (MT): Our management team with over 95 years of working in retail and providing solutions to solve retailer's problems. Our technology brings with it more capabilities for an affordable price, ultimately enhancing your business performance and your customers' satisfaction. At Touch we believe it is about balance, thus introducing products and solutions that yield optimum performance as well as delivering premium customer service. In technology, often the human touch can get left behind. Not with us.

ER: How are you making RFID relevant to today's retail industry?

MT: Our customers do not stand still and nor do we! With a proven track record of identifying the technology of the future, our superb customer service is always our defining role. We have taken advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as feature-rich customer service applications with our UHF RFID reader, keeping in touch with an ever changing world of technology.

ER: What's your latest solution, and how does it differ from the rest of the market?

MT: Traditional Barcode and RFID clunky, cumbersome guns are neither popular or affordable and so our b-touch and r-touch readers utilising the stunning iOS platform and Apple devices (iPod touch 5, 6, iPhone 5, 6, 6+, 6s, iPad mini, Air and Air 2) revolutionise this space.

ER: There's a lot of talk about some major retailers embarking on widescale RFID projects. What are your expectations in terms of retail's deployment of RFID in 2016?

MT: Deployment in 2016 is set to eclipse previous years and we believe our solution can only help a faster return on investment and seamless deployments.

ER: You're billed as Auto ID experts. Tell us what that means…

MT: Our philosophy is that in coalition with truly great software providers, we can focus on getting the hardware and services spot-on, through careful consultative dialogue and testing.

ER: What's your business's roadmap for 2016 and beyond?

MT: In addition to our hand-held readers, our wireless temperature monitoring range goes from strength to strength with our recent roll-out to all WHSmith Travel stores and these IoT sensors will work with our upcoming Android hand-held that we will be launching soon. Any businesses supplying foods really ought to take a look at the Touch Temperature range of devices.

Touch Technologies will be exhibiting at RBTE 2016, on stand 432. The event takes place at London Olympia between 9-10 March 2016. Click here to register for your free event ticket.

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