In pictures: Movistar's new touch screen walls in South America

Telefonica-owned communications network Movistar is rolling out new interactive touchscreens in its stores across South America.

UK-based Zytronic is working with PX Group to integrate its touch sensors with the latter's in-store screens, to provide customers with an innovative way of engaging with the Movistar brand and its services. PX Group also designed the store layouts and built the hardware, which has already been introduced to flagship shops in Santiago, Chile and Asia, Peru.

Movistar will be rolling out its new store concept to 25 South Americans stores

The large screens allow shoppers to browse while they are waiting for a sales assistant to serve them, and they will be rolled out to 25 stores across the continent.

In addition, PX Group has developed new self-service kiosks for Movistar, which are located at 50 shopping malls around South America. Customers can access their Movistar accounts and upgrade their service at these touchpoints.

Shoppers can access product and service information on the new screens

Sales and innovation manager at PX Group, Anneliese Schemke, remarked: "Movistar wanted to create an exciting digital experience for its customers in locations that see very intensive use. This project makes very exceptional demands on the touch screens."

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