Narvesen allies with Samsung for smart digital signage

The installation of in-store digital signage is playing a key role in Lithuanian convenience retail group Reitan Convenience's latest marketing strategy.

Narvesen owner Reitan is using the retail technology to provide a platform for brands looking to market to consumers as they shop.

Samsung Smart Signage Displays have been installed in 25 Narvesen convenience stores, but there are plans to install a further 40 displays by the end of 2015.

The digital signage platform, which has been supplied and installed by Hansab, is powered by Signagelive. The system gives the retailer full control over content, and Signagelive also offers users the capability to provide sponsors and stakeholders with a hierarchical overview of all played content and reports on specific parameters.

Dovydas Stukas, sales project manager of Hansab, said: "Narvesen staff now have total control over their network and Signagelive's new proof-of-play module gives them the ability to show major brands the effectiveness of their campaigns by generating reports on captured data in an easy to understand format."

Samsung, Signagelive and Hansab have worked on a number of joint projects in the Baltic region, recently combining to bring digital signage marketing to shopping malls across Lithuania on behalf of insurance provider Lietuvos Draudimas.

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