TM Lewin and Waterstones partner with SmartFocus to drive marketing in the cloud

TM Lewin and Waterstones have partnered with SmartFocus to deliver personalised messaging for online shoppers.

The two retailers are using SmartFocus' Message Cloud technology to attain a better view of customer shopping habits online. TM Lewin and Waterstones will use the technology to deliver personalised marketing messages to customers in order to increase brand engagement and sales.

Waterstones is integrating SmartFocus to overhaul its CRM operations. By using personalisation technology, the book retailer will be able to send targeted emails to customers segmented by their reading habits.

"It's about recommending the right books to the right people," Ed Armitage, Waterstones’ eCommerce director, told Essential eCommerce.

“Replicating our in-store experience when each and every one of our customers visits our website or receives one of our marketing messages is critical to us. The SmartFocus Message Cloud offers us all of the capabilities we were looking for in a single, comprehensive real-time marketing platform," he added.

Meanwhile, TM Lewin is also in the early stages of rolling out the SmartFocus technology. Cormac Folan, TM Lewin’s digital marketing manager, told Essential eCommerce the retailer moved away from a large established provider to SmartFocus due to its full suite of tools which can be integrated into TM Lewin's eCommerce strategy.

"We hope it will drive customer value," he said. "And with personalisation, we're taking that one step at a time so we can understand the full visibility across all devices. We have a broad range of products now and we want to understand how to match those up with customers."

“The suite of tools SmartFocus offers via the Message Cloud enables my team and I to achieve everything we need to within a single ultra-smart marketing platform; so whether that’s automating our CRM and segmentation processes, personalising our email marketing campaigns in real-time or scaling those campaigns at the click of a button, SmartFocus ensures we are effective as we can be," he added.

The ongoing relationship with SmartFocus is currently in phase one for TM Lewin, but Folan said further down the line, the retailer hopes to work on projects to increase its real-time analytics and personalisation of its multiple channels.  

Rob Mullen, SmartFocus CEO, commented: “Consumers are connecting with brands via multiple channels, which means retailers must do more to drive customer loyalty. With sophisticated analytics at the heart of our solution, marketing teams can harness actionable insights from multiple data customer channels to create engaging and relevant conversations no matter what channel they are using. Advanced email and truly personalised marketing are key to successful campaigns and incremental revenue.” 

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