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XSellco helping to drive multi-marketplace retailing

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are becoming ever more important to retailers, both large and small. The power they have to drive down prices and threaten traditional retailers has really changed the pace of eCommerce in recent years.

But the technology powering those platforms can be tricky for sellers to manage at scale.

Software-as-a-service company XSellco's products aim to help those sellers manage their prices and reputations online and is particularly useful for retailers who sell across multiple marketplaces.

"The Amazon marketplace is quite competitive and has complex pricing," explains CEO of XSellco, Victor Corcoran. "It can be hard to keep track of profitability on a unit-by-unit basis."

Corcoran's software helps retailers embrace marketplaces: "If you're in the retail business, you're in the business of putting your product in front of as many people as possible," says Corcoran. "And you should get involved in as many marketplaces as feasibly possible for your business."

The company was set up three years ago by Ray Nolan who's background lies in online start-ups including the launch of Hostelworld in 1999, as well as having involvement in Skyscanner, Storyful and Ding.

Nolan was approached by retailers who were having issues selling their wares on marketplaces and he developed a number of solutions to help.

XSellco provides cloud-based software-as-a-service products available to marketplace sellers of all sizes. The software provider – which will be exhibiting for the first time at RBTE 2016 – specialises in developing clean, user friendly interfaces which makes selling on marketplace platforms easier.

XSellco customers tend to be those selling across multiple marketplaces from small independent sellers to large companies who do the majority of sales through their own website.

One such tool is the XSellco Price Manager, which helps sellers keep track of their prices specifically on the Amazon platform.

"Selling on Amazon is a science not an art," adds Corcoran, who says the Holy Grail is to get your product in the 'Buy Box'  ̶  Amazon's recommendation engine which suggests similar products by price.

"Everyone wants to be in the 'Buy Box'," he continues.

While the 'Buy Box' algorithm is a secret only Amazon 100% understands, there are some obvious ways to improve your chances of getting inside, such as price, seller reputation and delivery. XSellco's Amazon Price Manager allows clients to see what their competitors are selling in order to adjust their prices accordingly.

"This allows them to maximise their earnings on products," he explains. "Because it is price and reputation that matters."

Another XSellco tool which helps to improve a seller's reputation is the Fusion customer relationship management (CRM) software product which provides sellers with a communication platform.

"Depending on how quickly you communicate with customers, it has a major impact on reputation and sales. But customer support can be extremely time consuming and costly."

Fusion was designed for multichannel online retailers and its pulls together customer communications from all platforms into a centralised dashboard. And Corcoran notes that some of his customers are seeing savings of up to 75% on their CRM efforts since implementing Fusion.

"It's more beneficial the more channels you have – Amazon UK, Amazon US, eBay, they're all separate user interfaces," he adds, explaining that Fusion can also be integrated with Magento's online retailing solution and a simple email account – depending on the size of the seller.

XSellco's third solution – XSellco High5 – will launch in a matter of weeks. This SaaS product will help Amazon and eBay sellers manage feedback by reaching out to customers asking for feedback to drive better rankings on marketplaces and, in turn, more positive sales. As an extension of the Fusion solution, it will also be able to help the e-tailer quickly rectify any negative feedback experienced by customers.

The company also recently launched a mobile application which is free to everyone who sells on a marketplace. But Fusion customers can reply on the go, which Corcoran says is particularly useful for the smaller e-tailers to reply to customer queries even if they are a one-man team who is on summer holiday.

The eight-strong team of XSellco developers write all the software code and provide in-house support. The solutions sit in the Amazon cloud because Corcoran says the fastest way to talk to Amazon is on its own architecture. 

The company plans to continue producing more and more solutions for online retailers, but the challenge, Corcoran says, is getting the software out quick enough. 

XSellco will be exhibiting at RBTE 2016. Click below for more information: