Forever 21 employees clock in using fingerprint biometrics

Forever 21 has become the latest retailer to install biometric technology to aid its internal operations.

The US fashion retailer is using a biometric time clock, allowing employees to clock in and out through biometric authentication. The business sees the system as a way of improving employee productivity and accountability.

M2SYS Technology's PC-based RightPunch product has been used alongside Kronos's timekeeping software. The M2SYS solution also supports finger and palm-vein authentication.

Explaining how the product works, M2SYS president Michael Trader said: "RightPunch optimises workforce management, expedites the clock in/out process and produces a thorough time and attendance data tracker.

"The solution's affordable price point is especially appealing to the retail industry where stores typically have less than 50 employees."

Use of biometrics in retail is expected to grow in the coming years, with various vendors bringing products to market. In Spain, for example, Fujitsu has placed palm vein authentication into Fujitsu-manufactured La Caixa bank ATMs, although the technology can also be used on PEDs, vending machines and other entry systems.

Commenting at last year's Fujitsu Forum, in Munich, retail industry consultant David Lowrence told Essential Retail that there will be multiple uses for biometric technology within the retail space.

"Apart from buying items, this could be used for identifying people when they go into a store and for picking up offers," he explained.

"Perhaps it could be used to pick up a click & collect order as an identification tool that doesn't require a customer to produce receipts or papers they would otherwise have printed out online."

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