Lush planning more in-store digital customer engagement

UK retailer Lush is rolling out a Wi-Fi solution to all of its 105 stores in the UK, as it looks to create more digital touchpoints across its estate.

The handmade cosmetics company is embarking on a drive to boost customer engagement and educate shoppers around its ethical products and campaigns, and the new Wi-Fi investment will support deployment of digital signage and social media, as well as giving the company further opportunities to educate staff on these subjects.

Managed by communications and network provider Vodat International, which has a long-running infrastructure partnership with Lush, the new Wi-Fi solution uses a segregated Service Set Identifier (SSID) connection with Vodat's inherent built-in security. The technology will allow Lush to balance connection bandwidth between store and customer usage depending on demand. 

Examples of how the retailer could use the technology include weighting stores for staff training, or allowing customer devices to stream live feeds from events at other Lush locations.

Subhash Sreedharan, global head of technology at Lush, commented: "In Lush stores we are focusing on simplifying and enhancing the customer experience as well as encouraging shoppers to further understand our ethos and campaign work using digital technology. Vodat has provided the IT backbone to enable this."

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