DPD reveals new line-haul optimisation strategy

Parcel delivery firm DPD has announced the inaugural winner of its technology incubator scheme, Last Mile Labs, and will begin implementing the chosen business's line-haul optimisation and management system into its operations.

London-based Pie Mapping secured the £100,000 first prize and a chance to help develop the future direction of DPD, following a six-month incubator process in association with L Marks – an investment fund that also supports the John Lewis JLAB scheme in the retail industry.

The aim of Last Mile Labs was to find and work with start-ups and tech entrepreneurs that could help harness technology to navigate some of the difficulties inherent in the express parcel sector, and DPD believes it has now unearthed innovative tech thinking that can help bring efficiencies to its organisation.

Pie Mapping's solution will now move forward into full development, integration and rollout within DPD's operations, and once fully developed it is expected to enable line-haul managers and planners to have total fleet, driver and route visibility in real time.

DPD says it will provide the company with a "rapid-response advantage" when it comes to overcoming issues such as motorway congestion.

Dwain McDonald, DPD's CEO, said: "If we can achieve the same level of transformation and efficiency improvements we've achieved with our other tech investments, there will be enormous benefits for both us and our customers.

"Investing in technology is critical to us. We don't just think of ourselves as a delivery company, increasingly we are a technology company that delivers parcels. Last Mile Labs has been another way that we have invested in the science of delivery, and worked with some of the most innovative people in the technology sector."

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