Asda utilises in-store augmented reality once again

Shoppers at UK supermarket Asda were again able to utilise augmented reality (AR) technology in the retailer's stores, last Saturday (27 June).

Teaming up with tech company Zappar and confectionary brand Mars, the Walmart-owned grocer used AR to engage shoppers during their weekend shop. With the free-to-download Zappar app, consumers were able to use their smartphone or tablet to try and win one of five signed England football shirts.

Dubbed 'Be A Penalty Shoot Out Hero', the competition called on shoppers to use the mobile technology to beat the goalkeeper from the penalty spot to put themselves into contention for a prize. It was an example of technology and gamification being used to add an element of theatre into a traditional retail experience.

When players had finished playing, they were able to view their score on a Top Gear-style leaderboard in their local store.

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager at Mars Chocolate UK, said: "It's no longer just enough to put your brand on a shelf in the hope that your packaging stands out more than competitors.

"Mars prides itself in creating engaging campaigns for consumers and now we're extending that to in-store activity using the latest and greatest technology."

Asda introduced similar gamification to its stores last October, in order to keep children entertained in the build-up to Halloween. The grocer worked with Zappar to create a seasonally-themed monster hunt in some of its stores across the UK, with shoppers able to use their smartphones to find clues as they walked the aisles.

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