Christian Aid accepts donations through interactive TV ad

This week is Christian Aid Week and it marks the running of the charity's first ever interactive TV advert, which is being used to encourage donations via mobile app.

Christian Aid is working with Powa Technologies' PowaTag for the initiative, and the TV campaign – which started on Friday and runs until Saturday 16 May – includes a PowaTag logo to alert viewers to the fact they can make a donation on their smartphones.

The app itself works by sending out an inaudible signal to the viewer's smartphone which prompts the opening of a donation page, where they can make a quick and secure pledge. PowaTag is a free mobile app available on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Eleanor Ledesma, head of Christian Aid Week, commented: "We may be marking our 70th anniversary this year but like all charities we need to move with the times and embrace new technologies in order to make it easier for people with busy lives to donate at a time convenient to them. 

"PowaTag has great potential for the charity sector and we are delighted to be able to broadcast a world first with this innovative new advert."

In addition to providing the technology, Powa has pledged to match the first £10,000 donated to Christian Aid using the app. Meanwhile, all of Christian Aid Week's operational costs for using the system will be re-donated.

Dan Wagner, founder and CEO of Powa Technologies, remarked: "62% of people in the UK now have a smartphone, and most have them close at hand when watching TV, so mobile is the perfect channel to reach an audience of millions."

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