Shop Direct CEO Alex Baldock: We've fully committed to digital

Alex Baldock, CEO of Littlewoods and owner Shop Direct, said this week that the business will no longer distribute catalogues.

The retail group, which has produced mail order catalogues to promote its products for over 80 years, is focusing on its digital platforms following a huge shift in the number of customers browsing and buying items on its websites. Online now accounts for more than 90% of sales; half of these are conducted on a mobile device, and its website receives over one million visits per day.

Last season the company sent out 300,000 catalogues, compared to more than five million five years ago. The decision to remove its catalogue division comes as the retailer continues on its mission to become a "world class digital retailer".

Baldock commented: "This is a big step in Shop Direct's transformation and importantly, it's one that's been led by our customers.

"They've embraced online at a phenomenal pace – this is where they're browsing and where they're buying."

Halting production of catalogues is the pre-cursor to Shop Direct investing more in new technology and its online services.

"We want to spend in areas that really matter to our customer," added Baldock.

"We know they want a slick, easy online experience and they want it tailored for them. We're going to give them what they want. Now that we've fully committed to digital, we're determined to make ours the best website in the world."