Domino's Pizza puts digital on the menu for franchisees

Domino's has announced two new retail technology developments this week, which it hopes will boost efficiency across its franchisee network.

The pizza chain's external digital signage at its 1,100 franchise stores in the US is being upgraded over the next four years, and the company has opted for a system from 3M that is reportedly improving quality and reducing running costs, simultaneously.

3M says that its Envision Translucent Films offering can optimise the LED technology used by the signs, and Domino's reports that the solution has already helped bring down the cost of channel, monument and pylon signs by as much as $200 per sign.

Tobin Northway, unit controller of domestic stores and fixed assets at Domino's, remarked: "The cool thing is that not only are we reducing the initial investment cost for our franchisees and for our stores but also we are reducing ongoing operational costs. From a sustainability standpoint, therefore, Envision is a very impactful product for us."

Like the majority of retailers around the globe, Domino's is looking at multiple ways to use new technology to boost the brand experience for its customers and its employees.

At software company NetSuite's SuiteWorld annual conference in San Jose, California this week, it was revealed that Domino's has now rolled out a new equipment and online ordering system for its franchisee network in the US.

Implemented by Capgemini, the new system is built on NetSuite's SuiteCommerce platform, and is integrated with the Domino's enterprise resource planning and warehouse management systems. It has been brought into the business as a way of streamlining operations and providing franchisees with greater access to product data.

The importance of treating B2B relationships in similar way to B2C has been a reoccurring theme at this week's event in California. As the number of digital natives in the workplace has grown, it seems so too has the expectation of Amazon-style web capabilities for B2B communication.

Kevin Vasconi, Domino’s executive vice president and CIO, said: "As a leading global retailer in online transactions, we are well known for using innovative technologies to enhance our customer experience, but what we do for our franchisees is equally important.

"With the help of Capgemini, we are significantly improving the efficiency, availability and functionality of our franchisee ordering system."

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