Pelipod launched as home delivery continues to evolve

Pelipod, which describes itself as "the connected smart home delivery box", has been launched in the UK with the aim of smoothing out the delivery process for online shoppers.

The Pelipod boxes are secured outside consumers' homes, and can only be accessed with a unique parcel code. Couriers can key the code to open the pod and deposit a package, which then prompts emails to be sent out to customers to let them know their goods have arrived.

All deliveries and collections are tracked and a camera inside the lid of the box provides photographic evidence of parcels arriving, ensuring a clear trail is created should any packages go missing.

Customers can currently receive the box on a free two-month trial, before signing up on a monthly subscription basis, and Pelipod has instigated talks with retailers about how its products can be integrated into their wider fulfilment processes.

Karl Wills, CEO of Pelipod, said: "Research tells us that over half of all UK consumers will avoid shopping online due to the current home delivery experience often being poor.

Karl Wills is CEO of Pelipod

"At Pelipod we feel that home delivery should work without forcing the consumer to wait in for an online order or trek to a collection point if they missed the delivery. With a Pelipod, shoppers will never miss a home delivery of an online order again."

Pelipod is just one of a number of innovative new solutions launched in the home delivery market – a consequence of the rapid growth in online retail sales over the last few years.

Last year saw the launch of Doddle, a chain of stores that consumers can use as a delivery destination for their online orders. The majority of Doddle's stores are situated around railway stations, which the company said makes for an ideal parcel pick-up point for commuters.

Meanwhile, Urban Bundles was launched last summer with the aim of bringing "luxury" to the final mile of customer fulfilment. The business, which has worked with Thomas Pink and Aquascutum, employs smart-suited delivery men and offers extra services such as 'wait & return', which allows shoppers to try goods on and return them straight away if they are unsuitable.

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