RBTE 2015: Exhibitor news roundup

Thousands of retailers headed to London Olympia for this week's RBTE, which showcased all that is new in retail technology.

Some of Europe's largest vendors such as Oracle, HP and Zebra Technologies were represented, as were lots of the smaller businesses that add to the diversity of this growing industry. Essential Retail has put together a quick summary of some of the new solutions and on display and some of the news from the exhibition hall.

BT Expedite was at RBTE alongside HP, showcasing joint solutions that the businesses believe can help retailers grow and increase productivity.

Using HP's Elite PAD, BT Expedite demonstrated how retailers can provide seamless customer experience and become more mobile. BT's retail arm also spent the two days highlighting its in-store omnichannel solution, the latest version of its clientelling solution and a new e-learning solution.

Meanwhile, retail performance and security solutions provider Tyco demonstrated its new Sensormatic RFID Antenna, which can track merchandise in fitting rooms and compare what is sold with what is returned to inventory.

The company said that it can help from a loss prevention perspective, as retailers can identify shrink level down to an individual item.

Steve Howell, retail business director at Tyco, commented: "RBTE 2015 offers outstanding networking opportunities, and as an exhibition that prides itself on identifying contemporary retail trends, it is an ideal platform for us to launch our new Sensormatic and RFID retail solutions.

Administration and compliance software provider PinBellCom, which works with companies such as TUI Travel, Marks and Spencer (M&S), Burberry and Arcadia, featured its TheOneView software platform at this week's RBTE.

The business continuity, administration and compliance management solution was joined on the exhibition hall by the vendor's mobile apps, which include The Incident Management App, which has been developed in association with M&S to aid business continuity and communication between the retailer's departments.

AVer used RBTE to demonstrate its iPAM (intelligent Precise Accuracy Marketing) software for the very first time. The tool leverages big data and video analysis to provide retailers with feedback about their customers, which the business said can help make retailers' operations more efficient.

Digital consumer engagement and loyalty solutions provider Eagle Eye said that technology platform redeemed eight million vouchers last year, compared to 1.5 million in the 2013 financial year.

It now has a client list of more than 106 blue chip customers including Asda, One Stop, Greggs, M&S, JD Sports and Pizza Express. RBTE saw the business demonstrating its platform that is used by these retailers.

Software testing company BugFinders spent RBTE discussing with retailers the sharp increase in unique mobile devices being used by consumers, which the company said has heightened the risk of software bugs. According to BugFinders, the ability of its crowdsourced teams to rapidly test apps and websites on a broad range of smartphones and tablets can aid the retail industry.

Martin Mudge, technical director at BugFinders, commented: "The eCommerce landscape is nothing like what it was even five years ago, and retailers need to adapt to the shift towards mobile."

Workforce management systems Crown Computing spent RBTE demonstrating its Open Options MyRoster, which has been designed to give HR and operations managers the ability to roster staff at the touch of a button.

Crown says the tool allows rosters to be developed in line with the predicted needs of the business based on footfall data, staff grade, experience and skills. Once completed, the roster can then be published online, allowing staff to see the shifts they are working from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Subject to the permissions available, they are able to swap shifts with colleagues and apply for additional hours where staff shortages are highlighted.

John Maguire,  retail account director at Crown, remarked: "In retail, getting staff rostering wrong – whether that means you are understaffed at peak periods or overstaffed at quiet times – goes beyond being simply frustrating; it can have real cost implications for your business both in terms of controlling staff costs and customer satisfaction.

"Open Options MyRoster is designed to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and give retailers real cost savings by accurately planning their staffing levels in line with need. Ultimately, My Roster is a truly flexible tool which ensures you will always have the right people with the right skills at the right place at the right time."

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