Comment: Top five innovations to see at RBTE 2015

The Eye on Innovation Trail, sponsored by 4R Systems, will be a key feature of RBTE 2015, which runs from 10-11 March 2015 at London Olympia.

Comprising 12 companies and their solutions, the trail will be clearly marked throughout the RBTE exhibition area. The vendors chosen were dubbed to have the most innovative and practical solutions, in the eyes of RBTE's innovation steering panel.

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4R Systems is sponsoring the Innovation Trail at RBTE 2015

Jevern Partridge, who picks his top five below, told Essential Retail: "None of them has a mature product with every feature, that's not the job of innovation, it is all about taking you on a journey and constantly moving you forward."


Says Partridge: "The beauty of this is that it is simple. This isn't the first company to offer something like this, but it is easy to implement and a simple message. This helps raise awareness of social media to staff and customers. The next upgrade should be to provide rolling information on trending topics."


"Online analytics are so much more mature than in-store, that it is good to see traditional stores moving into the digital age. This system could really help in space and range planning. It would work best if it could be portable so that retailers could work category by category in test stores to optimise the customer journey."


"A good system, with the app being the best part as it allows users to find out if a store has it without going to the store. Clearly it requires market penetration to ensure product coverage. It would be good for a department store, but I'd be wary of the cost of keeping all the data up to date (location and inventory)."


"My favourite part about this is how it engages with the customer. The screens would clearly become a destination on arrival in the centre and adds to the shopping experience. The system requires the offers to be refreshed regularly to ensure there is a reason for shoppers to continue to visit."

Unique Secure – MePOS

"I love the idea of this and will see more examples of this as the market matures. Clearly flexibility of hardware is important to retailers and this certainly helps with that."

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But don't just take the RBTE panel's word for it. Why not take the trail yourself at this week's event, to see some of the most innovative retail technology in today's marketplace?

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