Industry collaboration 'set to boost retailer RFID investment'

More and more retailers are realising the benefits of RFID due to the growing co-operation between software suppliers, hardware and tag manufacturers, according to Uwe Hennig, CEO of Enso Detego.

With various parts of the RFID ecosystem increasingly working together, a factor exemplified by the recent introduction of new guidelines by standards organisation GS1 US, Hennig believes more cost-effective RFID installations are now possible for the retail industry.

At this year's European retail tech solutions show RBTE, which takes place between 10-11 March at London's Olympia, retail visitors will have an opportunity to visit a dedicated RFID Zone showcasing nine companies – including Enso Detego – that are bringing the technology to the retail sector.

It is the second year in succession that RFID will be featured in such a way at the European show, and on this occasion visiting retailers will also be able to catch up with representatives from BT Global Services, Impinj, Nordic+, OCS, r-pac, Smartrac, SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions and TRC Solutions.

Essential Retail spoke to Enso Detego's Hennig to hear his views on RFID's growing influence on the industry.

Why are a growing number of retailers realising now is the right time to invest in RFID?

The co-operation of software suppliers, hardware and tag manufacturers during the last years results in standards and makes cost-efficient implementations now possible. Additional to this the price of tags are at a level where it works.

What is (or has been) the most impressive use of RFID in retail that you've seen?

The use of all the data generated by RFID in fashion on item level to give store manager, demand manager and senior management detailed information and in real-time where they need to invest time to fix an issue. This use of big data is the acceleration of RFID.

What role does your company play in bringing RFID technology to retailers, and which companies are you working with?

Enso Detego designs, creates and implements item level article management software for the fashion industry. With our software suite we offer different products from a PoC out of the box to a fully integrated item level tracking system.

Tell us what to expect from this year's RFID Zone at RBTE?

We doubled our sales last year compared to the year before. We see RFID now really picking up. We are looking forward to a busy event and hope we can discuss with many retailers the areas they would like us to focus on.

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