Comment: Innovation on display at RBTE

One could argue that innovation in retail is happening at a faster pace than ever before in history; mobile applications and point of sale (PoS), digital displays, omnichannel, in-store consumer connection via Wi-Fi and iBeacons, and predictive analytics. All of which must be delivered to the consumer securely and conveniently to compete. The key to success is selecting the 'right' solution for your business model.

Back in 2013 RBTE recognised this need and introduced the Innovation Theatre, to feature new innovative solutions, making it easy for attendees to see what was new. Such a great idea, that this year the National Retail Federation in the US introduced a similar feature at its annual convention. The Innovation Theatre allowed retailers to hear ideas, as well as follow-up via 'touch and feel' meetings with presenters where required.

Thus RBTE, which runs from 10-11 March 2015 at London Olympia, now introduces the Innovation Trail. The trail is a road map through the exhibition area which includes vendors that have the most innovative and practical solutions, as selected by a panel of experts. If you are looking for new ideas to attract consumers in this age of consumer centric retail, I advise you to walk the trail.

4R Systems is sponsoring the Innovation Trail at RBTE 2015

Below are a few highlights to see along the Innovation Trail, which is being run in association with 4R Systems. Click here to check-out the full trail.

One caution: don't just do the Innovation Trail! RBTE has filled its new home at London Olympia with great retail hardware and application providers.  If you are moving to omnichannel you will need to visit PoS, eCommerce and network vendors. And of course CRM, loyalty and business intelligence are essential for successful retailing.

The education sessions at RBTE continue to be second to none with two theatres and eCommerce Bootcamps covering the hot topics of the day. Many sessions link with the innovative solutions on the Innovation Trail. Why not review the full agenda, select the session of interest and plan to spend two career-changing days at RBTE?

Richard Mader is president of Mader International Consulting & ARTS director emeritus. ARTS is the Association for Retail Technology Standards.

The RBTE Innovation Steering Committee: