Complex digital marketing landscape causing confusion

The plethora of new technologies for digital marketing have created a fragmented landscape that generates vast volumes of data but limited insight, according to performance marketing business Tradedoubler. 

A new report from the Sweden-based company says that brands and marketers are confused and overwhelmed when it comes to making informed, data-driven decisions about their customers and campaigns. 

Tradedoubler's report, 'Connected consumers, disconnected solutions – performance marketing at the crossroads', reviews the current and emerging digital marketing trends, and recommends that marketers invest in tools that can collate data from a range of sources.

Dan Cohen, regional director at Tradedoubler, remarked: "Brands are struggling with the sheer number of digital marketing platforms available and as a result are relying on instinct rather than testing their campaigns and trusting what the data can tell them.

"New innovative technology has created an immense opportunity for digital marketers but the trick lies in identifying and reacting to the right information at the right time."

The large volumes of data available is often disconnected and sometimes even contradictory, according to Tradedoubler, meaning marketers are spending too much time on managing the complex technology ecosystem. 

Earlier this year, Will Dymott, head of data and CRM for eCommerce consultancy Practicology, said that as more ways of communication come online and individual preferences emerge, brands will need to set up their businesses accordingly.

In a blog on the Practicology website, Dymott suggested a number of measures brands must take if they are to create successful email marketing and wider communications strategies, including only asking for customer information they will actually use.

"If you ask for too much information you'll get none, so keep it simple and only ask for communication methods you will actually use," he explained.

"After all it's unlikely that you will be Snapchatting your customers anytime soon."

Dymott also advised brands to target, personalise and be smart with what they send to their customers, and ensure the data they hold is accurate.

"Finally make sure your CRM strategy is up-to-date and fit for purpose in a world of multiple communication channels," he added.

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