Tesco Market Hall campaign by Blackdog

Design agency Blackdog has created a ‘Market Hall’ in-store campaign for Tesco to showcase dining, cooking, bath, garden and laundry products at the retailer.

Located in the ‘Fleximat’ events area of larger Tesco stores the campaign was installed in late January 2015 and will remain in-store until early March.

Banner dividers have been used to differentiate categories, with hand drawn-style icons suggesting a chalkboard sign.

These are combined with 3D canopies featuring stripes – suggesting by existing Tesco collateral – and colourful bunting to suggest a traditional street market.

Hanging products have been displayed on a backdrop of repeat pattern wallpaper.

“The main challenge was to create a look that communicated value, without cheapening the offer visually,” says Blackdog creative lead Kerry Oldham. “The black chalkboard and friendly typography maintained a contemporary style, whilst the Tesco ‘ping’ was incorporated to signify value and price.”

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