Design showcase: NutriCentre seeks to disrupt health retail with new store design

NutriCentre has introduced a new store format, designed by The Yard Creative, in a bid to change the UK public’s perception of the Health Retail category.

The 14 strong chain, founded in 1988, was seeking to bring new communication standards to the category with a  disruptive design that was unlike anything used by rival companies.

“The key learning from the research stage was that a consumer’s level of knowledge is the biggest potential barrier to purchase,” says The Yard Creative founder Steve James-Royle of the sector. “Those with little or no knowledge were cynical of the product and found the existing marketplace hard to penetrate. As a result we threw out the old market segments of consumer types and instead the offer has been designed around varying levels of knowledge.”

The design, introduced by Nutricentre in Milton Keynes and set to be rolled out to further branches, aims to ease the process of customer engagement while creating a sense of optimism and product expertise.

The brand now seeks to be uplifting, with the strapline ‘Lift your Life’ reflecting this goal and addressing the customer at a personal level. Its logo uses both hard and soft forms, with the ‘u’ of the name forming a pill shape and a leaf motif reinforcing the natural origins of the products.

The front of the store is divided into two zones to welcome new customers who may have little or no knowledge of the sector.

A deli-style Food for Now area encourages customers to try new products, while a series of interfaces helps them to understand how nutrition works and how it can benefit health.

Sam, a body-shaped display with removable discs helps identify which products can aid different issues, from heart problems to hair loss, by their location on the body.

A super nutrients feature shows what the most effective nutrients do and offers pre-selected product, while the Common Conditions bay highlights the 10 most commonly asked-about complaints in one area.

An interactive RFID-enabled table lets customers pick up hero products and place them on an icon, with a screen providing additional information.

More knowledgeable customers are served by simplified categorisation and navigation, with on-shelf information written appropriately for those who understand the category. Rotating signs allow customers to access additional product information.

The store uses a bright and vibrant colour palette, while a font has been especially created for the retailer’s signage to create the right tone of voice: one which combines empathy, efficiency and engagement with confidence.

Lifestyle images are shown on the walls of the store. Payment systems have been updated as part of the project, with mobile payments set to be introduced soon.

“The Yard Creative has continually challenged our thinking, and stretched their own, in order to create a finished brand that is truly disruptive and that we are all very proud of,” says NutriCentre managing director Amee Chande.

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