Mobile loyalty on the menu at M&S London cafes

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is to start trialling a digital coffee stamp card app in 58 of its food establishments in the Greater London area, as the retailer looks to find new ways to reward customers for their loyalty.

Dubbed M&S Barista, the mobile app is being launched in partnership with mobile couponing and voucher technology company Eagle Eye Solutions as M&S looks to replace the paper loyalty card for its more digitally-savvy customers. It will be available to use in a number of its Hot Food and On the Move cafes.

The tool will allow M&S to offer customers relevant rewards and incentives, and the app will be push-notification-enabled so the retailer can remind customers when their stamp card is nearing completion or is complete. Customers with one stamp left on their coupon will be sent an offer to encourage them to visit their nearest store and collect the last stamp.

Mathew Legge, senior marketing manager at M&S, said: "We are focused on providing our customers with excellent quality, value for money and convenience. The trial of a digital loyalty card in our 'Hot Food on the Move' and cafes will further help us meet those aims, whilst rewarding our customers for their loyalty."

As part of the trial, the app will be integrated to M&S's CRM and point of sale technology, which will enable rewards such as a free drink following a certain number of beverage purchases.

Phillip Blundell, CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions, added: "Digital stamp cards are one of the simplest ways through which businesses can drive loyalty and increase visit frequency.

"For M&S this trial will not only strengthen customer loyalty, it will also help them to stay one step ahead of competitors in the food-on-the-go market."

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