Oddbins demands speed from new website hosting provider

Specialist drinks retailer Oddbins has invested in its online infrastructure through a new partnership with website hosting provider Rackspace.

The business said it was looking to work with a company that could offer strong support, the capability to roll out a solution quickly and enhanced security. The new collaboration was put in place ahead of what Oddins hopes will be a typically busy Christmas and festive period.

Oddbins eCommerce manager Tony Duffy criticised previous suppliers and said that he did not want a repeat of the past, when peaks in demand had led to technology problems and customers unable to complete their online purchases.

"We had lost confidence in the website's performance reaching the standards we expect, especially when dealing with spikes of traffic around the holiday period," Duffy explained.

"This created two significant problems. One is that we lost revenue due to customers being unable to make purchases and the other is reputational damage caused by these negative experiences."

According to a joint statement from Oddbins and Rackspace, the new solution offers a managed web application stack, enhanced security and the unmatched performance of a bare metal server to support the retailer's growth plans for 2015. The company is hoping to have doubled website sales by this time next year.

Oddbins also gets access to Rackspace's 24-hours-a-day support, which it can tap into as it looks to grow it store portfolio to over 100 properties in the coming months.

"Almost immediately, the enthusiasm and efficiency shown by the Rackspace team restored my confidence in the website being something we could be proud of while supporting our plans for growth," Duffy added.

"In the past, it was down to us to think of ideas on how to improve the site, but now we regularly receive useful insight from Rackspace, which is incredibly valuable to us."

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