Staples rolls out new online Exchange platform

US-based office products (OP) retailer Staples has launched a new tool that gives manufacturers a more direct route to selling their products through the retailer's online properties.

According to the business, Staples Exchange gives suppliers a faster way to integrate their products into the SKU list. From 2015, suppliers will also be able to use the platform to quickly introduce items to Staples Advantage, Staples Canada and – all sites that are part of the OP company's portfolio.

Once enrolled, vendors can upload their products and start receiving orders for no cost, as well as receiving access to real-time alerts, reporting by channel and self-service tools to manage their inventory.

Staples says it is not like other retailers because it does not require vendors to use a third party that charges integration fees.

Faisal Masud, executive vice president of global eCommerce at Staples, commented: "Staples Exchange allows our vendors to rapidly integrate with us, bringing even more products and services to our customers.

"We want to make things easy for our customers and our suppliers, so they can make more happen with their businesses. I'm proud of the innovation behind our proprietary platform, which will grow in importance as we continue to increase the number of items available on"

Staples is currently placing significant focus on innovation, research and development by opening up hubs around the US to house its eCommerce and technology development teams. So far the business has opened labs in Seattle and San Mateo, where teams are focused on search, personalisation and other areas of technology that are having a major impact on the retailing industry.