Staples uses data insight to drive coupon redemption

A partnership between Staples Canada and technology firms Kenshoo and RevTrax has allowed the office supplies business to closely measure the success of a recent online to offline marketing campaign.

Staples used RevTrax's couponing technology to create and track a digital coupon offering consumers $10 off a Copy & Print order of $30 or more. Once the coupon was redeemed, the retailer supplied the redemption data to RevTrax, enabling the matching of search campaigns and keywords to in-store transactions.

Meanwhile, Kenshoo integrated the keyword-level conversion data into its platform, which the company said enabled Staples' campaign to be optimised in real-time.

Over the course of the three-month campaign Staples saw a 200% increase in incremental return on investment, a coupon redemption increase of 148% from first to final week, and more than 1.4 million impressions. It also said that the average cost-per-click dropped 11%.

The collaboration allowed Staples to unite offline conversions and paid search performance, which gave the business an opportunity to better understand the impact of its digital marketing on in-store activity – a key focus for a number of retailers as they look to gather a single view of their customers across all shopping channels.

Arthur Marcoviciu, digital marketing supervisor for Staples Canada, said: "We had several goals for this campaign, including driving online and in-store sales and uncovering deeper insights into customer behaviours and coupon redemption patterns [...]"

"We learned that business customers drive the highest average order value when converting through non-brand keywords. Since most coupon redemptions occur in-store, we wouldn't have been able to drive this level of cross-channel insight without this partnership."

Kenshoo, which recently appointed experienced retail technology executive Rob Coyne to the role of managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, as it looks to grow its presence further in the region.

The Kenshoo platform is used by brands and agencies to optimise search marketing, social media and online advertising. The technology firm, which has worked with the companies such as UK grocer Tesco, is backed by Sequoia Capital, Arts Alliance and Tenaya Capital.

RevTrax has worked with a number of retail businesses, including Starbucks and Hallmark, to provide promotional intelligence across digital channels and devices.

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