Pop-up stores boosting demand for tablet-based MPoS?

Secure Retail will be exhibiting at RBTE again in 2015, following its appearance at this year's show.

Essential Retail caught up with David Russell, sales director at Secure Retail, to find out why the business has rebooked its stand for next year's RBTE and how the trend of opening pop-up shops is driving demand for mobile PoS.

ER: What were your RBTE highlights from the 2014 show?

We were extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of people we had visit our stand at the show including significant partners and retailers. We had a great deal of interest in the new Miura hardware with lots of positive feedback on the product set. There was also a lot of focus on MPoS and also the digitalisation of the store. Display Data's Electronic Shelf Edge Label Technology proved a popular talking point with retailers now recognising the full value proposition rather than just focusing on cost. As a result we have secured a couple of significant opportunities with high-end retailers.

ER: What were the hot topics at RBTE 2014?

There was a big focus on MPoS and omnichannel solutions. Targeted marketing directly to the in-store customer through technologies such as Bluetooth beaconing as well as bringing the internet into the store were popular subject areas. Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) and how we can deliver and support this was also a big topic as many retailers focus on this new PCI security solution.

ER: Why have you booked for RBTE 2015?

For us we see it as a great forum for Secure Retail to showcase our thought leadership in terms of technology. It's a great show and a good opportunity to see everyone that we need to see under one roof in a short space of time. We will use this as a chance to demonstrate we are at the forefront of technology and security and are ahead of the competition.

ER: What are the main areas of focus for your business in the year ahead?

Expansion into tablet focused PoS solutions and working closely with our partner Display Data on the digitalisation of the store by supporting retailers as they embark on this journey. Secure Retails’ main focus however will be within its core area of payments with P2PE and providing a number of managed services to support the retailers and partners in simplifying the delivering of P2PE compliant hardware. We are currently going through certifications with a number of UK payment service providers to support their latest software solutions which will enable us to continue to grow within this space. 

ER: What are your retail technology predictions for 2014/15?

I think we'll see a lot more focus on mobile solutions, especially pilots and trials, as well as opportunities for tablet-based PoS in pop-up store environments. We're already hearing of a number of opportunities where for example retailers are trying to set up short-term stores on beach fronts or at festivals to make the most of a captive market. I also expect to see a lot more discussion with our partners around technologies such as Bluetooth beaconing which will allow the retailer to track customer movement around stores and push direct marketing based on shopping behaviour. Customer movement could be key to store layout, gauging conversion rate of promotions or simply to monitor footfall at different times to make sure they have enough staff to deal with demand. As retailers try to get ahead of the game I expect to see targeted offers and promotions based on what consumers are not only buying in-store but online as well. In turn, this should help grow sales and also improve the in-store customer experience.

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